Thursday, November 25, 2004

Turkey Blogging II

The day of giving Thanks and feasting has arrived. I’m now safely ensconced at my in-laws house in Grove City, Ohio. Would you believe that I woke up to a dusting of snow this morning? Would you believe that it’s about 38 degrees outside? Would you also believe that I wish I was back in Florida? While I care a great deal about my in-laws and it’s nice to be around the family for this holiday I could do without the cold weather and gray sky.

The day began with the dusting and a trip to Tim Horton’s for donuts and coffee. I made sure to get a bunch of coffee to take home so I can alternate between Dunkin Donuts coffee (which I can get at home) and Tim Horton’s coffee (which I can’t). How sick is that? I was a big Starbucks fan for a while but the taste of the different brands/blends never seemed any different. All Starbucks coffee tastes the same to me but Dunkin Donuts always tastes good and never too harsh.

Tim Horton’s was jammed. Seems as if even on Thanksgiving people never get enough of their donuts. Following Tim Horton’s I made a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up those last minute things needed to complete the feast to come. I don’t mind going to the store as it gives me a chance to see all the neat new things and packaging that I don’t get to see in Florida. This part of Ohio is a marketing test market and here in the Columbus area they get all the newer stuff first as it is a prime test market, Usually the new stuff I see the in Kroger Supermarkets here I see in about a year in the Publix in my neighborhood.

Now back in the warm confines of the living room the holiday lunatics are watching the Macy’s Day Parade. I can’t watch it for one reason---Katie Courick. If I could be assured that if I watched her and the parade-- that Katie would burst into flames right after Santa shows up I would definitely watch. But the chance of her igniting from internal combustion is pretty slim so I’m in another room watching Rutgers and Connecticut football. Hey---it’s a pretty good game.

There will be a minimum of 15 people here for their dining pleasure today. There’s a very good chance that I will once again consider putting a gun in my mouth by days end.