Sunday, November 07, 2004

Sunday thoughts

The Clemson Tigers beat the Miami Hurricanes in overtime.

Now I know how the Kerry people feel.

Man commits suicide at Ground Zero

The first liberal pinhead casualty post election is a deranged fellow from Athens, Georgia, who became so depressed over the election results that he traveled to New York, went to Ground Zero, put a shotgun in his mouth and assumed room temperature. He was 25 years old and worked in the computer lab at the University of Georgia

One has to wonder if he thinks he gets the 72 virgins deal. Oh Well, let’s give him this—He was truly emotional involved.

Yasser Arafat is sleeping—Not in a Coma.

Yasser Arafat is in stable condition in a French military hospital and not in a coma, a senior aide to the ailing Palestinian leader said early on Sunday.

“No, he’s not in a coma,” Nabil Abu Rdainah said in response to a reporter’s question outside the Percy military hospital in the Paris suburb of Clamart where Arafat is being treated.

“He’s in a stable condition. He’s sleeping right now. We hope that in the coming few days we will be able to know exactly what he is suffering from,” he said.

Maybe he’s just stunned ... by President Bush’s reelection.

Kofi demonstrates again why we should throw the UN out of New York:

Kofi Annan sought to protect the terrorists who continue their bloody grip on Fallujah by writing a letter to the governments of Iraq, Britain, and the US demanding a cessation of hostilities. The three governments reacted with scorn to the notion that Iraq should somehow live with terrorists setting up their own city-state within Iraqi borders, allowing them to maintain a base of operations with which to terrorize the entire country:

In letters dated Oct. 31 and addressed to President Bush, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and interim Iraqi leader Ayad Allawi, Annan said using military force against insurgents in the city would further alienate Sunni Muslims already feeling left out of a political process orchestrated largely by Washington.

"I wish to share with you my increasing concern at the prospect of an escalation in violence, which I fear could be very disruptive for Iraq's political transition," Annan wrote to the three leaders.

"I also worry about the negative impact that major military assaults, in which the main burden seems bound to be borne by American forces, are likely to have on the prospects for encouraging a broader participation by Iraqis in the political process, including in the elections."

Notice that Annan lays the blame for "escalating violence" at the feet of the Allawi government and the Anglo-American coalition that supports it. This has always been the UN approach; blame the victims for the terrorism. It matters little to Annan and the UN that the Allawi government has tried patiently -- a little too patiently, in my opinion -- to negotiate a peaceful solution with Fallujans, who absolutely refuse to give up the foreign terrorists that behead civilians for entertainment. As car bombs continue killing civilians, the UN wants Allawi to sit back and talk things over more with the masterminds who want Allawi dead and an Islamic dictatorship imposed on Iraq.

The Left in denial

"This is not the apocalypse. But it is the most formidable challenge to American liberalism in our time." That is the reaction from the editors of the New Republic.

Let me offer two cents: This is the end of American liberalism, as we know it. After every previous defeat, they denied reality and made excuses. Reagan was just a charming actor. The 1994 GOP takeover of Congress was a fluke. Gore was the real winner in 2000, Bush just stole the election. The entire 2002 results were a result of an attack ad on Max Cleland. Voters who keep throwing Democrats out of office are just simple-minded fools, swayed by Karl Rove's Jedi Mind tricks.

When the turnout improves, the Democrats would sweep into office, they kept telling themselves.

If Kerry had won, the war would undoubtedly be repudiated in the press everywhere. But now that Bush has won, it has been decided that he won on other issues like gay marriage and abortion.

MoveOn should move on:

Only four of the 26 Democratic challengers for Congress and governorships endorsed and bankrolled by the left-wing MoveOn PAC were elected Tuesday, but some suffered from that organization's support.