Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Yeah … I know … Obama won. He won because he and his Democrat pals did a really good job of building a moocher majority in this country .. and a really good job of promoting class warfare.

He was also assisted by a pathetic GOP campaign and ground effort. He may have won, but I’m not going to stop reminding you – especially you idiot ObamaVoters – of just what an unqualified hack Obama is.

 So I find this gem on the “U.S. Constitutional Free Press” website. It’s a list prepared by someone using the name “John Galt” of all of the things our Dear Ruler has NEVER DONE. And we hired this tool to run our country?
 Barack Obama is a man who has:
* Never had to write a business plan
 * Never had to review a business plan to determine its worthiness
 * Never had to create a budget for a private business
 * Never had to calculate the economic worth of an existing or new employee for a business
 * Never had to worry about the cost of benefits provided to a business employee
 * Never had to worry about whether or not a business was making a profit
 * Never had to explain to a boss or to shareholders why a business was losing money
 * Never had to file a business tax return * Never had to talk to an accountant about business matters
 * Never had to hire an attorney to deal with business matters
 * Never had to worry about the effects of government regulations on a business he owns or operates
 * Never had to tell an employee that he was being let go because business was slow
 * Never had to place a “help-wanted” ad looking for a new worker
 * Never had to look at a list of revenues and expenses to determine how much a new employee can be paid.
 * Never had to face competition from a new business down the street

 Good luck Obama voters you're going to need it.