Saturday, November 13, 2004

Saturday Thoughts

Scott Peterson
Pretty amazing stuff.
They have no evidence but this schmuck gets convicted of first degree murder of his wife and second degree for an unborn son. All I can say is that I’m glad this circus is over and I don’t have to watch anymore of this stupid spectacle or hear about it in the news. I still can’t understand why this case took on such big stature in the annals of legal history.

The Canes meet up with the University of Virginia today. I don’t give them much of a chance but perhaps pride will get them to play beyond their talent. This has been a very disappointing season only because it started with such promise. False Promise, allow me to add. When you lose as many players to the NFL as Miami has lost in the last three years it’s just very hard to just reload. The good news is that the experience the younger players are getting will make a difference next year.

The Airport:
I have the occasion to travel and it must be my age because I’m finding that I get irritated with just about everything and everyone at airports these days. From the idiots who have those god-damned ear pieces and microphones on their heads connected to the cell phones that they hold out and who can’t seem to have a conversation above a shout to the fat smelly dickweed who always ends up sitting next to me, I just don’t want to fly anymore. The cell phone stuff is really driving me nuts. How can so many have so much to say only when they are waiting to board the plane. And why do I have to listen to their conversations that usually are nothing more than bullshit. And there is always the person sitting in the waiting area that seems to be talking to themselves until you notice that they are actually talking on their phone with one of those ear plugs. I try to walk past them and fart. It’s always good to watch their reaction and need to relate the event to whomever they are talking to. At least they have something interesting to say with my fartual encounters.

Yesterday I saw this guy plug in his charger to his cell and then begin a series of phone calls to friends. Then there was the obvious college kid talking up a blue streak, loud enough so that you had to hear him, with the most outrageous conversations you would have thought the guy was chairman of Citibank. I think he wasn’t talking to anyone on the other line and was lip syncing the whole damn thing.

Now that I’m older and my ass is bigger the seats don’t feel as comfortable any longer. I have this new thing with Southwest in that I want to be in boarding group “B” and then pick the two skinniest people on the aisle and window to sit between. By being in group “A” they get to pick you and I always manage to attract the biggest, smelliest, ugliest, slob with breath like kerosene. Better I should pick then them.


A CBS News producer who cut into prime time programming to announce the death of Yasser Arafat has been fired.

But Dan Rather, Mary Mapes, and the others involved in CBS’s attempt to influence a presidential election with fraudulent documents continue to distribute “news” to the American public.

Just so I have this right: if you put a fake story on the air at CBS, the news divison closes ranks around you but if you put a real story on the air they drop you like a too wet taco in a too greasy burrito bar.

ARAFAT is still dead:

The Syrian Defense Minister called Arafat "the son of sixty thousand whores," but Jimmy Carter called him "a powerful human symbol and forceful advocate" for a Palestinian homeland.

That’s why I always think of Jimma as our crazy Uncle in the Attic.

Bias---what are you off our meds?????

The Center for Media and Public Affairs conducted a study of the media's coverage of the 2004 presidential campaign. Their findings.

"John Kerry is getting the most favorable network news coverage of any presidential candidate in the past quarter century."

CMPA began these studies in the 1980 presidential election.

As for Bush's treatment by the press, the president's "coverage is highly negative this year, but doesn't approach the record for bad press held by Ronald Reagan."

Some of the numbers:

"John Kerry's total of 58 percent positive evaluations (and 42% negative) since Labor Day is the best press any general election candidate... George W. Bush has only 36 percent positive evaluations (and 64% negative) in the same period."

Over the past seven elections, the Democratic party has seen the bulk of the good press.

"[S]ince 1980, the Democratic candidate has gotten significantly better press in four - Kerry, Clinton in 1992 and 1996, and Mondale in 1984; the Republican has fared better in one - George H.W. Bush over Dukasis in 1988; and two have been about even -- Bush vs. Gore in 2000 and Carter vs. Reagan in 1980."

The aging CBS anchor did his part as well, most notably with his promotion of fraudulent documents that were damaging to Bush.

Go Figure?

Happy football folks: