Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Today we decide with the Help of every stinking lawyer in the world.

A Last Thought:

If America actually elects John Kerry president, it would be seen around the world as repudiation not just of Bush and of Iraq but of the broader war on terror. It would be a declaration by the people of American that we are more like the Spanish instead of what we think about ourselves in being unable to be coerced into voting for a guy who would cut and run. We would be like Spain and not like Australia in terms of our courage to face and deal directly with the problem of Islamofascist terror instead of hoping upon hope that our problems will just go away. Lt. Kerry is a fraud. If he is elected it is going to come out and the country is going to be thrown once again into a breast beating, self flagellation spectacle that is not worthy of the price our troops are paying to keep us free from another 9/11.

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Follow this link and see how close to the timeline and truth this plays out.

Democrat Litigation Strategy:

From Silent Running:

GOOOOOOOOD Morning America!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today you get to decide if you want to be like Spain or Australia.

Try not to fuck it up please, it's not a trick question.

From Matt Margolis
Open Letter To Kerry Supporters

I remember you earlier this year, when you supported Howard Dean. Most of you were Dean supporters. Back then you admired a candidate who was extremely anti-war and had not served in Vietnam – even avoided military service all together.

That didn't stop you from supporting him, and you still felt him more qualified than John Kerry, or Wesley Clark to be Commander-In-Chief.

So here you are on Election Day, prepared to cast your ballots for John Kerry. A man who supported the war in Iraq until he decided to mimic Howard Dean in order to save himself. John Kerry, unlike Howard Dean, has said he does not plan to pull out of Iraq, but has even suggested bringing in as many as 40,000 more troops into the country.

Had the Democratic primaries taken place in one day, Howard Dean would be on the ballot today, not John Kerry.

I remember when John Kerry won Iowa... I had never seen a more pitiful site than I did when I browsed through the comment threads of Dean's blog, and saw all of you crying that Dean had lost, and lamenting that there was no way Kerry could win, because he was "a flip-flopper." Some of you even considered voting for Bush so that Dean could have another chance to run in 2008. I couldn't blame you at the time... you all hated John Kerry.

Yet today you are prepared to vote for a candidate you do not even like just because you hate George W. Bush. It must be tough. I supported George W. Bush before most of you even knew who John Kerry was. Even when you did learn about my senator, you were harsher on him then I ever have been.

I support President Bush 100% and proudly voted for him via absentee ballot. You all won't have the same satisfaction that I have from supporting a candidate that I truly believe in.

I genuinely feel sorry for you.

Since the primaries, you've had to pretend that you actually cared about a candidate's military service. You've had to pretend that you don't think Kerry is a flip-flopper. You've had to pretend to actually like John Kerry. How sad. You've been living a lie.

And that's why you're going to lose.

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From Den Beste:

Kim Jong Il


Osama bin Laden

urge you to vote for

John Forbes Kerry for

President of the United States