Friday, November 26, 2004

Dear Anonymous:

Imagine my surprise?

There are a bunch of folks who read this ridiculous blog because they actually think I might have something interesting to say or they think I’m amusing. As you know—I amuse the hell out of myself with regularity. And the older I get the easier it becomes to amuse myself. What I regret is that I have to amuse myself with mental gymnastics rather than physical gymnastics as the physical stuff is not doable any longer.

None of my regular readers make comments on the public board due to my behavior on the previous board I sponsored where I was less than kind to people who disagreed with my point of view. So, even though I have taken a much lighter, kinder and gentler approach on this board and use it primarily to post my random idiotic thoughts; if they feel the need to comment they send me a private email as they would rather I just behave myself on the public board.

You are a much different case you as you actually believe that I’m a genius. Not just any genius—but your genius. How warped are you? I am delighted that you are here and watching my insane contemplations, idiotic notions and bizarre wisdom. It will make me happy to know that on the other end of this blog there is someone smiling if I use the phrase “Pavlotti Hey” or “Ring pass Snot”

Please give my very best regards to Clyde. And remember that you are always in my thoughts.

Turkey Blogging will continue at the end of the weekend for the rest of you fools.