Monday, November 01, 2004

Some election eve thoughts

Why would you want the job????
One of the things that strikes me as a very real consequence of this election and the lawyers lined up at the ready is that no matter who wins there is going to be at least one half of the country angry. Not just angry but mad, and there is a difference. One can't deny that the majority of Kerry supporters are not voting for Kerry but against Bush out of nothing but hatred. One can only assume that the visceral hatred of Bush will manifest itself from the other half of the country should Lt. Kerry win.

Lt. Kerry would be faced with a country that doesn't trust him on anything, that will not believe anything that he says, and worse as he has demonstrated he's in not capable of making a decision on anything, sans his finger in the political wind. It leads me to the view that his first and only term is going to be Jimma Carter on steroids, without the honesty.

Can you imagine Lt. Kerry winning and it comes out that he was not given an honorable discharge when he first left the Navy but was reconsidered under the Jimmy Carter amnesty program? Don't think for one moment that the right won't keep digging.

On a personal and clearly vindictive basis I hope he does win so as to be the final blow in killing all liberal's chances of governing for the next 50 years.

Ashley who?

Does anyone really give a damn that Ashley Simpson lip-synced on SNL? First--Ashley is one ugly, amateurish twit (did you see the hoe-down dance?) and I have not seen an ounce of talent from this teenage wannabe. I mean --hey--let's be honest. Her sister is a lot better looking and has a much better body and can actually sing. Although there are time when she looks like she is afflicted with Cerebral Palsy when she is getting into her song and her mouth goes in three different directions at once. But Ashley is not worth the time of day.


Great Article

Thomas Lipscomb writes in the New York Sun that there is mounting evidence that Lt. Kerry was not given an "Honorable Discharge upon his initial separation from the Navy. In an interview with Tom Brokaw over the weekend :t. Kerry finally admitted that all his military records have not been released. One has to wonder if the MSM will follow up on this if he wins the presidency.

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