Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Good Morning

It's now 5:00 AM and my view is that the final tally will be Bush 286 electoral votes to Lt. Kerry's 252 electoral votes.

As of this writing it looks as if President Bush carried both Florida and Ohio which were essential for his re-election.

Senator Daschle losing is worth note. The Republicans will pick up a minimum of two additional Senate seats and even more in the House. This will give the President a clear majority in both Houses of Congress. Bottom line is that the President garnered the highest popular vote count in history even more than former President Reagan.

What remains to be seen is if the level of hatred that has been the prime motivation of the left builds or ebbs. The repudiation of the MSM (Main Stream Media) is also a thing of beauty. The recent hit pieces by the New York Times, CBS, MSNBC, Washington Post, CNN, NPR, etc. have been rejected out of hand if one is to look with any objectivity at the total popular vote. Not only has the President beaten Lt. Kerry but he has beaten the MSM too.

Another mystery is how badly the exit polls blew it. Had anyone bought into the results first announced by exit polls one would have thought that Lt. Kerry was going to beat the snot out of the Bush candidacy. You have to wonder if that wasn't a set up for the purpose of trying to influence the outcome. Regardless of the intent--it didn't work.

While I hope I'm wrong about this, it's my view that the left is not going to take this with any grace. The next few days will be more a measure of the character of the left in terms of their attitude of allowing the country to be united in a time of war. I don't hold out a lot of hope as I view their collective hatred of George Bush as visceral in nature.

And now---Howard Dean will begin his new quest for the White House. Senator Clinton is already warming up her money machine and it is a dandy. Look for about two months of no projections on the next presidential election cycle and then hold on to your hats.