Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Those Damn Jews Again--YEA!

Ever since the Islamic terrorist group Hamas took over in the Palestinian territories, things have steadily gone downhill between Israel and the now Islamic terrorist-led Palestinian people. Of course, you won't see the mainstream media in this country or any other call them terrorists. They use weasel words like "gunmen" or "militants." God forbid we should actually call somebody what they are.

So what has Israel so upset? The Islamic terrorists of Hamas have been holding an Israeli soldier for 4 days. So the tanks are rolling in and the planes flying overhead. Israeli troops are also making arrests. But the Palestinians are upset about all this. According to one of their negotiators, "I think that Israeli attempts to bargain through bombardment of power stations and bridges and arrests of parliamentarians and ministers is just adding to the complexities." Adding to the complexities? What? Aren't they the ones who took an Israeli soldier hostage? In what context is that not an act of war? Bargaining? How about this bargain? Give us our soldier back or we're going to kill a whole mess of you Islamic terrorist bastards.

The White House is responding to this by saying Israel has a right to defend itself, but should be careful about hurting civilians. All of this points out why the "Mideast peace process" is a fantasy. The only time you truly have peace is following a military victory. It's time to fully unleash Israel...and bring the terrorists in the Palestinian territories to their knees.

Once they surrender, then they can negotiate the terms of their existence. There's your peaceful end to the conflict.