Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bush is just flat out wrong on this one!

President Bush spoke yesterday in Los Angeles on the subject of immigration reform. For the life of me I cannot figure out what is motivating his stance on this subject.

Bush, speaking to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, insists that any immigration bill passed by the Congress be "comprehensive." Just exactly what does he mean by "comprehensive."
Glad you asked.
He means that a bill that simply provides for tighter border security and harsher punishment for employers who hire people who are in this country illegally will not satisfy his demands. We're being invaded. Some of the invaders crossing our borders refer to themselves as "reconquistadors." If you don't hablo Espanol, let me help you. They are calling themselves "re-conquerors." Many of them ... who knows what percentage ... are not just here to find some better-paying work so they can send dinero back home ... they are here to conquer and establish political control of huge parts of the American Southwest. If their purposes were entirely benign, why would they print articles in major Mexican magazines bearing headlines like "Los Angeles is ours!"

Can anyone reading this think of one job -- one duty owed this country by the man we made president that is more solemn, more serious, more important than to use whatever resources he may have at his disposal to turn back an invasion of our homeland? Does the president's duty to protect and defend our borders only come into play if the invasion force is carrying guns?

This particular invasion force doesn't need guns. They're going to have a more potent weapon, the ballot. What does this "fast-track" to citizenship that Bush is so insistent upon really mean? That means a fast track to putting ballots in the hands of those we now call illegal aliens. This is the ultimate goal of President Bush, Ted Kennedy, John McCain and others. In fact, movements are already underway in many states and municipalities to grant full voting rights to non-citizens, and in some cases illegal aliens!

Think of the strength behind a ballot! Americans have been using ballots for hundreds of years to change leadership, to punish political wrongdoing, and to reward political courage. Americans now gleefully use this weapon to gain access to the property of others, and this they do without a moment's thought given to their legal form of plunder. A ballot can be used to change our very way of life in this country. A ballot can be used to gain access to the pockets of every single working American. A ballot can be used to open the floodgates even further to an broader invasion force. A ballot can be used to destroy our rights to property and to diminish our standing as free and independent individuals. What happens when this weapon is placed in the hands of tens of millions of people who had no respect whatsoever for the laws of this country, millions of people who broke the law coming here and broke the law by staying! What happens when this weapon is placed in the hands of people who show no desire whatsoever to assimilate into American culture; people who show disdain for our language and our customs; people who wave flags of their homeland instead of the banner of the United States as they demonstrate for their undeserved amnesty?

President Bush says that the " vast majority of illegal immigrants are decent people." Sorry, Mr. President. They're criminals. Criminals are not generally regarded as decent people, except perhaps by politicians. The decent people you speak of are the ones still in Mexico, still in Guatemala, still in Honduras and Colombia. The decent people are the ones who visit the American embassy or consulate to begin the arduous task of applying for permission .... legal permission to enter the United States. The decent people, Mr. President, wait patiently day after day for that magical notice to arrive from U.S. officials telling them that the American people await their arrival as legal, law abiding new neighbors.

Never have I seen a time when the politicians inside the beltway have been so completely and thoroughly out of touch with the American people. Eight out of ten Americans want the border between the U.S. and Mexico sealed. These Americans have somehow developed the attitude that the people they send to Washington to make decisions related to our national security have some sort of a duty to recognize an invasion when it is happening, and to take steps to stop it. They don't want Bush's "comprehensive" approach. They want a direct, focused approach. Criminals are pouring across our borders, and they want it stopped. Now. These Americans do not want amnesty for those who have wantonly and brazenly ignored our laws.

The House Republican leadership is talking a tough game right now. No amnesty. No guest worker program. But ... right now that's all it is. Talk. If Speaker Hastert and Majority Leader Boehner want to insure that Nancy Pelosi will occupy the Speaker's office come next January all they have to do is cave in to Bush and the Senate with a comprehensive plan embracing anything that looks, smells or tastes like amnesty. I think I have some sort of a sense of what people are fired up about, and believe me, this issue has people burning mad.