Monday, June 19, 2006

Can you say slanty eyed PANTLOADS?


North Korea is treading on dangerous territory these days. According to new intelligence photos, the communist country is going to be testing a long-range ballistic capable of reaching the continental United States. The missiles appear to be fueled up and ready to go..on a remote section of North Korea's coast. The missile is large enough to carry a nuclear weapon.

So what is North Korea up to? Why would they need such a weapon? Well, yesterday North Korea issued a statement promising to "mercilessly wipe out" US forces in the event of war. Oh really. So why exactly are we allowing all of this to happen? Perhaps George Bush should go on TV instructing North Korea to put their missile away or we will do it for them. That would send a message to them right back.

We didn't tolerate missiles in Cuba pointed at the United States and we shouldn't tolerate one in North Korea pointed at the United States. But this is what you get when you "negotiate" with a rogue thug like the insane Kim Jong-Il. We have been negotiating with North Korea for years. The Clinton administration even sent the Secretary of State to make a worthless agreement with that that he immediately broke.

They've done this 1998. North Korea fired a missile over Japan..without warning. Japan says North Korea can expect a harsh response from the United States if they do it again. Why should we wait?