Friday, June 24, 2005

The genius of Karl Rove

Once again, Karl Rove has tied the Democrats in knots. With their own rope.

Karl Rove's statement costs the GOP no political capital. He's not head of any party, he's not running for anything. No one can hang anything on him in an election.

But in one fell swoop, he has simultaneously stuck a thumb in the Democratic Party's eyes, and as the fools run screaming from the hive, demanding an apology, every stupid thing Reid, Rangel, Durbin, Byrd, Dean, McKinney, Donna Brazile (Who once called Colin Powell an "Uncle Tom," and all the other lefty bloviators ever said percolates right back up into the headlines, as the media tries to compare what Karl Rove said (Every word of which is demonstrably true. Susan Sontag alone validates Karl Rove's point) to those boneheaded things each of the Democrats said.

And now people are digging into the archives and finding that what Rove said is true - liberals were calling for "Restraint and moderation" from day one. They can't deny it. It's in their own rhetoric.

What's more, Karl Rove is genuinely speaking for conservatives, here. The Republican Party's not splitting over his words, the way the Democratic bird-brains all tried to snipe at Dean, for example.

The Democrats are so predictably incompetent, they couldn't find their ass with two hands and a flashlight.

Rove is, as usual, three steps ahead of the Dems. The Dems would be better off just writing him off as a political hack, not bothering with demands for apologies or resignations, which bring their own legion mistakes back to haunt them, saying they pity him, and be done with it.

Instead they play right into GOP hands.

They would never be able to defeat the Mujahedeen. They can't even defeat the GOP.

And these guys want to take over responsibility to run a war?

They couldn't run the frigging shuttle bus to the PX!