Friday, June 24, 2005

Cancer Blogging

It has gotten to the point where I am just not able to answer all the emails about Deb. And so, I will begin the “CancerBlogging” entries to give all of you the updates rather than try to keep re-doing and adding to the mass mailing list.

For some background for those of you who read my tripe and don’t know what in the hell I’m yakking about here is the quick and dirty briefing.

Several months ago, Deb (my wife), was diagnosed with breast cancer. Having gone through all of the examinations, CAT scans-PET-scans-MRI’s, Ultrasonics, X-Rays, blood work, Muga-scan, etc. the final diagnosis for Deb was IDC (inductive ductal carcinoma) with some additional metastasis in the thoracic region of her chest and spine.

Deb had a dual port surgically placed in her chest for the administration of Chemotherapy, about three weeks ago. On Monday June 13th, Deb began her first cycle of Chemo. She is getting three different drug combinations which take approximately 6 hours for the entire process. It begins with hydration and anti-nausea medicine through an IV followed by the Chemo drugs. This is followed up the next day with IV hydration which takes another 3 hours to administer as they throw in some anti-nausea medicine too.

Over the past 11 days she has had the normal and customary effects of an aggressive Chemo regimen. Beginning this Tuesday she has had to go in every day for a shot of Nuperine (sp) which is a drug that will help the production of white blood cells as her white count fell far below normal. This too is considered a normal side effect of the Chemo. And for the record, she still has all her hair at the moment.

All things considered (Pardon me NPR) Deb has done pretty god-damned good this first cycle. Her attitude is great and she has not suffered any real debilitating circumstances from this first cycle. She goes back for a second round on July 5th. After this second round we should have some indication of whether the Chemo is doing its job. Deb had some markers placed on the tumors and we are hoping that after the second round there will be either some softening or shrinking.

I will be taking my laptop to the Chemo Center for some live ChemoBlogging.

Lastly—For all you ladies, PTA members, friends and relatives of Debbie who will be reading this Blog to get the Debbie Updates please be advised that the right wing ranting and tasteless humor I write on this blog was never intended for your eyes or sensibilities. I suggest that you only read the Debbie Updates and skip the rest, unless of course you are as sick, demented, and libertarian as I am. What and how much of this tripe I write that you read will only be between you and your God as no one will know what you read and what you skip over.

That assumes of course that there is indeed a God.