Friday, February 06, 2009

The Time For Talking Is Over

That is according to our President Barack Obama (PBUH). When it comes to this stimulus legislation .. he has had enough "debate" and he has decided that the "time for talk is over." Tell that to our children and grand children who will be paying for this legislations for generations.

Odd, isn't it? This is the president who wanted to engage in unconditional talks with the Islamic goons who want us dead, but doesn't want to talk with the American people about this government expansion bill.

Let me tell you what's going on here - though you probably already realize it. This president is on the verge of losing his first great legislative push. This could set the tone for his presidency for quite a while. Passing this bill is essential to the status of his presidency, not so much to the future of our country.

Yesterday Obama actually said that if we don't pass his huge government growth and citizen dependency bill right now our country might never recover from this economic crisis. Just wondering, but did FDR ever even suggest that World War II could mean the end of our Republic? I don't think so. Well ... different strokes, I guess.