Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prince Charley is an ugly misinformed Toad...

Surprise: a rich environmentalist is a stupid hypocrite.

It`s true, Prince Charles is traveling to South America for an environmental tour of the place, in order to preach the crisis that is climate change.

(Notice how "climate change" has now replaced "global warming" as the panic button - since more scientists now predict a new era of global cooling, as people in general are wising up to Al Gore`s lies).

The problem here of course, is that the Prince is using an A1319 Airbus – which normally seats 140 passengers, but in this case it will fit just 14 staffers, and the Prince`s two monstrous ears. Camilla won`t be traveling with him - she`ll be towed along in a blacked-out horse trailer because she`s easily spooked.

According to experts in this field, this 16,000 mile trip will cost over a half million dollars, and create a 322 ton carbon footprint (equal to five Joy Behars or twelve farting cows). Now, this would usually make Prince Charles – the ultimate self-righteous greenie - a hypocrite. But only if the climate change science he speaks of is correct. Which it isn`t. Skeptics of CO2 theology are winning the battle, finally – Prince Charles could fly around the world a thousand times and it wouldn`t make a bit if difference.

But sadly, his global jetting does far less harm to the planet than his spreading of poisonous ideas that discourage development and destroy economies. Mark Steyn said America is rich enough to survive stupid ideas – to which I must add South America isn`t.

But what can you expect from royalty? They embrace climate change, because it discourages human creativity – something royalty can understand. They do nothing but produces likenesses for commemorative plates – and, unless it`s ear wax, they cannot understand how real things are made.

To them it`s easier to put trees before humans – mainly because they`re closer genetically to the former than the latter.