Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some CEOs loot their companies, Most Congress-critters loot the Country

So, according the Congressional Budget Office, this year's deficit may be a record $1.2 trillion. And while this number includes the financial bailouts, it doesn`t include the humongous stimulus proposal that`s before us now. Once you add outstanding deficits from prior years, say the number crunchers, every single one of us would have to pay $37,000 apiece to cover the cost.

Which, in simple terms, makes me want to puke. But I wouldn`t be so disgusted by all of this, if we were just honest about what`s really going on. This isn`t a stimulus plan – it`s looting.

Our government is looking at this financial crisis the same way looters looked at the Rodney King verdict - a momentary excuse for seemingly inexcusable behavior - a chance to smash and grab, knowing you may never get that chance for a free set of tires again (at least until the Lakers win another championship).

At least that`s how the Democrats are looking at it. They see this financial catastrophe as an opportunity to check off every program on their wish list – knowing that the consequences from such behavior will prevent them from ever having that opportunity again.

So they`re getting it all in now.

Even worse, the media is treating the bill the same way they treat normal looting – it`s just a natural reaction to the injustices of the world, meaning the last eight years of Bush-Hitler.

So I say - let`s stop calling it a stimulus bill and call it what it really is: the looting of America – a free-for all against free markets. Sure, Nancy Pelosi may not be running down the street with a case of toilet paper under her arm.

But she might as well be.