Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Can you say "Learning Curve"?

Unfortunately, it could have been foreseen that Obama would have a long and out of round learning curve to be placed in such a responsible position. Amateur mistakes:

--Providing no guidelines to Congressional Dems about writing a stimulus bill. It is a goofy and porky mess. For examples see http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/2009/02/03/doorbells/
--Poor vetting and staying with bad, bad choices. In addition to the crooks who some of our fellow voters insist on returning to Congress, Obama is setting a new pace in placing crooks in his administration. Dumb...unless he wants advice on how to get crooked. Is there really no one qualified for HHS in the country except Daschle? Ditto Geithner at Treasury?
--Trying to appease Iran. They turned around and bit Obama's hand for petting them. What a disgrace for us.
--Implying that business profits are evil. Is he for real?
--Talking tough about Afghanistan in the campaign and starting to go wobbly now.
--Being just plain stubborn about denying his own fallibility.
--Picking Biden for VP.
--Allowing Michelle to wander around the Administration facilities asserting she is part of the Administration.

How many more major blunders can we expect from this unworldly philosopher now caught in the real world headlights? I wish him luck in quickly learning how to operate on planet Earth. It is too bad he had so much charm he landed himself in office unprepared.