Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Schumer speaks for the " Left Elite' to the rest of us.

Yesterday on the floor of the Senate, Chuckie Schumer said something that I'm afraid may be true. In debating the economic stimulus bill (which passed the Senate yesterday) he said, "To all the chattering class, that so much focuses on those little tiny, yes, porky amendments .. the American people really don't care." At first when I heard this windbag say that Americans really don't care about these "porky" amendments, I was irate. And for anyone who is reading this right now, or a regular talk radio listener, you are probably irate as well.

Then I stop to think for a bit. After all, Schumer is talking about the masses of government-educated people? Haven't I been saying some of the same things about these dumb masses for years? If you think that government is your savior, why worry about pork? Maybe the biggest thing the American people are worried about is that the pork will be spent somewhere else. Nobody seems to oppose a government spending program that puts someone else's money into their pocket.

So, I'm afraid that Chuckie is right .. the average American doesn't care about the billions and billions of dollars are government is getting ready to spend, thanks to the future taxpayers of this country. They are either waiting for Obama to give them a house or find them a better job ... or they're fretting over last night's episode of American Idol and checking the mailbox for their latest issue of People Magazine .. or stealing their neighbor's. Some are also worried about whether or not Angelina is pregnant again .. and we know it's not my child, so I could really care less.

Schumer's quite a piece of work, isn't he? Oh and don't you just love the fact that he refers to the billions of dollars in pork barrel projects .. that won't stimulate the economy .. as "little tiny porky amendments"? Just again, here's a reminder of the little tiny tax dollars that will be spent on lead paint hazard reduction and watershed rehabilitation.