Tuesday, February 10, 2009

PrezBo Pressor--The Savior is Government.

I could swear I heard President Obama say that "only government is big enough to solve this problem." Only government, huh?

What did I tell you? What was I saying throughout the entire presidential campaign? Barack Obama is absolutely in love with government. He eats, sleeps and breathes government. When he dreams, he dreams of government. When he fantasizes, he fantasizes of a relationship with government. He has blown-up copies of the Federal Register glued to the ceiling over his bed so that he can go to sleep with visions of government in his mind. To Obama there is no problem that can't be solved by more government. In fact, there is no problem that shouldn't be solved by more government. Health care? Government. Who makes how much money? Government. The heartbreak of Psoriasis? Government. Acne? Government. America is great because of government. More government will make America greater. Anyone who thinks that America accomplished greatness through the dynamic of a free people working together under the rule of law in a system of economic liberty is pure nuts. It was government. Always government.

And now we have an economic crisis ... caused by government ... and only government is big enough to solve the problem.

It looks like the press conference last night was just exactly what we expected it to be. If we don't turn to government for a solution ...if we don't massively expand the reach of government ... if we don't double the cost of government ... if we don't bow down at the altar of government ... we're doomed.

The President is a Hustler.