Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Poor

So according to folks at the UN climate conference, it's the poor who will be hit hardest by global warming. See, rich people can afford to move from encroaching waters caused by climate change- but the poor are left stranded. Worse, they can't afford sandbags, or even awareness wristbands, to let everyone know they can't afford sandbags.

But look: whether we're talking global warming, the coming ice age, obesity, anorexia, or jock itch- its worse when you're poor.

So why not stop wasting so much time pointing this out and devote that energy to making them unpoor? Rather than pushing climate change dogma to the point of hysteria, why not make it easier for folks in foreign countries to get the AID we send, instead of lining the pockets of their corrupt leaders?

What I propose is this: every bleeding heart, guilt spreading, green-living, Chicken Little hop into your Prius right now and head to your bank and take out your own money. Make it cash. Then hand it to the nearest poor person you see, so they'll be safe from global warming. Or better, mail it to me and I'l take care of it. Promise.