Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I should not read the Wall Street Journal this early.

Is it time to tax the tall?

According to Harvard professor, Greg Mankiw, vertically gifted folks earn 16% more than short people. And research suggests that height may lead to other benefits - they're closer to the sun, and they look better in jeans. For that reason, they should be taxed.

But unlike other groups, there's no way for tall people to escape taxation. If you overtax higher earners, they might hide their income. But hunching over won't put tall people in a lower tax bracket.

And this makes height the perfect model for income redistribution: tax the tall and give to the short - like me - who really deserve it. At the supermarket - I can't even reach the paper towels. Which are white, so that's racist.

The Harvard professor was kidding, - he just wanted to show us how taxes are used to punish people who do well, and reward those who don't. He's probably short.

But why stop at tall? Why not blondes? They really do have more fun - and that's not fair. And how about the double-jointed? Tax them twice I say! And what of men with full heads of hair! Since I'm one of them- it's the kind of taxation I can't get behind!