Thursday, January 10, 2008

Satire Alert (for the terminally stupid)

New Jersey Finally Apologizes for Slavery

After 160 years of stubborn denial, New Jersey is just now getting around to admitting that slavery was wrong and has officially apologized for it. This is fantastic news for former slaves who have been sitting around all this time patiently waiting for some sort of mea culpa. However, there is still no word from any former slaves as to whether the apology will be accepted. In fact, they have remained strangely silent for decades.

Is it any surprise? If you were abducted from your home, shipped thousands of miles across the sea to a cruel and hostile land, thrown into chains, and then constantly pulled over by State Troopers for no reason whatsoever, I expect you'd be a little reluctant to have a friendly chat with those responsible your suffering. After what America did to them, I wouldn't blame the former slaves if they told New Jersey to stick that apology up it's rich White ass.