Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Open your window and scream

These are trying times for rational people. The world seems upside down.

Cowards get medals for bravery. Surrender is defined as victory. Graybeards behave like twitchy teenagers and project reason onto evil enemies who are unreasonable to their core. America, the greatest force for good in the world, is derided as the great Satan, with American media and academia leading the chant.

What to do? I say open the window, fill your lungs with righteous outrage, throw your head back, open your throat and unleash the primal scream. It's therapeutic. And you'll need it to survive Kofi Annan's exit from the stage, which will no doubt be treated with media reverence.

The shameless hack dares point the finger at the United States (Bush, really) for lacking in accountability.

[pause for scream]

Yes, this is the same Kofi Annan who:

  • had 90 days advance knowledge of the Rwanda genocide and did nothing
  • presided over the biggest financial scandal in history, Oil for Food, which enriched Kofi's son, assorted pals and Saddam Hussein. This allowed the latter to flip the bird at the UN and prolong the suffering of Iraq's people.
  • had UN Peace Keepers in Congo raping women and trading food aid for sexual favors
  • presided over a UN that has done nothing to stop genocide in Darfur
  • has done nothing to stop the destruction of Zimbabwe
  • incompetently prevented the ethnic cleansing of 8,000 mena and boys in Srebrenica from being stopped. The Dutch soldiers who were part of the UN protective force, who let the Serbs take the men away and shoot them, were recently honored for their service.

Accountability? Saddam Hussein mocked the UN's gas bags for 12 years because there was no such thing as accountability -- until George W. Bush forced the issue.

When the tsunami wreaked destruction on millions, the UN mobilized its mouth. Bush sped aircraft carriers with food, medicine and fresh water to the scene and saved thousands of lives. That's accountability.

Kofi is just sore because Bush exposed him as the glib eunuch that he is.

When Bush addressed the UN General Assembly in 2002, it was the UN's chance to put up or shut up. They didn't put up. God knows, Kofi will never shut up.

So, go ahead, scream.