Monday, November 20, 2006

Do Tell


So .. Ted Koppel produced a television special telling us how dangerous Iran is! Ted's not alone here. Open the pages of almost any newspaper or news magazine and you'll see stories of the grave threat being posed by Iran.

Let me see if I get this straight. Iran is a threat. A grave threat. Iraq was not.

Let's look at the scorecard. A partial scorecard, to be sure .. but we can at least touch the surface here and try to gain some understanding.

Nuclear capabilities. Iraq was developing nuclear capabilities long before Iran. Thankfully, Israel set them back a bit.

Nuclear weapons. Iran says they aren't developing these weapons. We now know that Iraq was.

Use of WMDs. Iraq has used them. There is no evidence that Iran has.

Invading sovereign nations. Iraq has. Iran hasn't.

Mad Leaders. Iran and Iraq can claim this.

OK .. I just guess that I find it a bit odd that right after the Democrats take control of the Congress we're hearing so much about how much of a threat to peace Iran presents. Oh .. don't get me wrong. I agree! Iran must be dealt with ... but when you look at the scorecard, can't it be said that Iraq needed to be dealt with also?

So .. what was our big mistake in Iraq? Removing Saddam Hussein, or daring to try to provide to the people of Iraq a democratically elected government that would protect their freedoms instead of murdering them?