Thursday, July 13, 2006

Yes--yes it's true

PARIS HILTON is desperate to start a family because she is convinced she would be a great mother.The star's recent relationships have resulted in failure, including romances with Greek shipping heirs Stavros Niarchos and Paris Latsis. But Paris is yearning to settle down and considers motherhood her most important priority in life.

9 things Paris Hilton is also convinced of ( I couldn't think of 10):

1. That little people live inside the television

2. That you can't get pregnant if you do it in a hang-glider

3. That poor people are actually made of chocolate

4. That you can turn a puppy off just by squeezing it really hard.

5. That Mexican food is made out of Mexicans

6. That all that itching and burning is actually from the new laundry detergent

7. That one day she will visit the internet, but only if someone drives her there

8. That foreigners are cool because they know a foreign language

9. That at some point the vibrator will fall out naturally.