Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Arrogant Israel in Danger of Losing France's Love

Watching the horrific violence unfolding in the Middle East, it’s hard to believe that only six short years ago the land enjoyed an era of unprecedented peace and tranquility, interrupted occasionally by the sound of an Israeli bus rudely exploding. President Clinton’s Oslo Accords proved that the Israeli people and those who want to eradicate them could live together in harmony, provided the Israelis didn’t mind an occasionally exploding bus ride to work. Unfortunately, Israel’s selfish insistence on constantly defending itself has tarnished Bill Clinton’s legacy, and threatens to engulf the entire region in an illegal and unsanctioned-by-France war.

France has a rich history of working collaboratively with others towards a common goal of peace, and have much to offer the Israelis in the way of spiritual advice. Prime Minister Jacques Chirac has strongly condemned Israel’s “completely disproportionate” use of force, urging it to adopt a more diplomatic, and decidedly French approach to ending the bloodshed. But in the height of arrogance, Israel refuses to unconditionally surrender and commence loading its Jews onto boxcars.

There appears to be no end in sight to their extremist arrogance, either. Today, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrogantly defied the international symphony of flatulence and vowed to “fight on with full force” against the peace-loving Hezbollah people;. Perhaps he should ask himself exactly what they are fighting for. The return of their soldiers? Freedom? Their very existence?

What point is existence if you’ve lost France's love?

It's a question not only for Israel, but for the United States as well.