Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Gimme a damn break


Well, he finally did it. North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il went through with the threat this morning and fired a long-range ballistic missile...the so-called Tae po dong missile, renamed the Tae po Dud. There is special concern over this one because it is technologically capable of reaching the United States with a variety of payloads, including nuclear.

And what of the missile? Well, it went the way of the other missiles that were fired this morning...falling into the Sea of Japan. So either North Korea purposely made the missiles fail after launch or they were incapable of making them work properly...who knows. So what's going to happen now? Despite all of the talk, condemnation and the White House statement that called the launches a "provocation," here is what is in the offing ....

Absolutely nothing.

Oh sure...Japan is threatening North Korea with sanctions. The worthless U.N. Security Council is headed into emergency session this morning. Australia said it would call the North Korean ambassador to complain. I'm sure Kim Jong-Il is shaking in this high-heeled boots. Threats of sanctions mean absolutely nothing. They haven't worked to this point.

And let's think about sanctions from the U.N. Security Council? Please...that didn't stop Saddam Hussein for 12 years. There are ways around sanctions, such as bribing public officials. Let's start the guessing game as to which U.N. officials will be involved in the North Korean bribery scandals we're sure to read about in about five years. North Korea will keep firing its missiles as long as (a) it is tolerated and (b) they perceive a political advantage in doing so. Right now they view the United States as being weak ... thanks in no part to the lack of support we have given Bush for his efforts in Iraq. Peace-at-any-price does, indeed, have a price.

And so it goes...more tough talk against North Korea...without anything to back it up. Perhaps the White House is waiting for North Korea to successfully launch a "real missile?"