Saturday, July 22, 2006

Get some real coverage of what this is all about!

For the second morning in a row I've been treated to non-stop coverage on CNN about the evacuation of Americans and others from Lebanon. OK! We get it! People are being evacuated! But this isn't the story! The story is Israel pounding Hezbollah. The story is Israel doing the work of so many other Western nations in ridding the world of a good number of these vicious monsters. And the story is also the Western world getting ready to tell Israel enough .. to drop back ... to hold off ... to allow Hezbollah to regroup and rearm so that Israel can be attacked again.

And what of Lebanon? Yeah, things are certainly rough there. They harbored Hezbollah. They ignored the UN's demands that Hezbollah be disarmed and removed from the Israeli border. They tolerated the Hezbollah's presence ... now they're paying the price. It is sad, truly sad that so many civilians are suffering. Perhaps this could have been averted if they had done something about the presence of these Islamic monsters who were occupying their country. Did the people who are pleading for Lebanon similarly plead for Israel when the Hezbollah would fire rockets into Israel trying to kill Israeli civilians? Somehow, I don't remember that. Perhaps instead of complaining to the world and asking the world to get Israel to leave them alone, they should be asking the world to step in and help Israel rid them of he Hezbollah menace.

How can I say this strongly enough? This isn't between Israel and Hezbollah. This isn't between Israel and the so-called "Palestinians" in the Gaza. This isn't between the U.S. and the Islamic fascists in Iraq. This is between the entire free world and Muslim radicals. This is a shooting, bombing war that is going on in virtually every continent on earth, save Antarctica. This is a world war. On the one side you have Muslims who believe that they are on a mission from god, on the other side you have people of various stripes merely trying to preserve their own way of life.