Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mexican leadership at its very best

So, it's worse than smoking, drinking while pregnant, or frying bacon in the buff. Combined.

Mexico's health ministry has announced that being an illegal immigrant is hazardous to your health.

Yep, during a health conference in that adorable country, they said Mexican illegal immigrants have higher rates of mental illness, AIDs, and drug problems after crossing the border. The study was done in conjunction with the University of California, a-k-a goofball central.

So upon hearing these conclusions, you'd think the researchers would suggest to their people: "Hey, don't leave Mexico - stay here! It's healthier!"

But no.

Instead the researchers Yep these problems are due to a lack of access to medical care in the US - something we jerky racists are denying them.

Yes, they're sick because we're racist! According to a frantic article by All Headline News, lack of health care is likely to get worse because of a "xenophobic wave that has arisen after the start of the economic...crisis."

So, it's Arizona and the tea party's fault too.

So, what does it say about Mexico, and its leaders - when citizens are fleeing your country- and the response is a health summit?

Well, it says something.

Look, you need to stop focusing your resentment on America - and instead look at your own mess - and fix it.

Screw holding conferences on "the health consequences of immigration." Why not hold a conference entitled, "Why is everyone dying - literally - to get out of here?"

It's an idea you should be thinking about every moment of your waking life - instead of blaming America because your uncle's hearing voices.

Oh Cisco---Oh Pancho.
(Just a little ad-lib for all the folks who are old enough to remember the Kid)