Thursday, October 14, 2010

A genuine outrage

This story has been flying along at fairly low level for a while. It would seem that a lot of our man and women serving in our military oversees are not getting their absentee ballots for the midterm elections. The latest story is about Illinois ... our Ruler's home state. We learn today that not all of the 110 jurisdictions in Illinois have complied with the 2009 Military and Overseas Voter Enforcement Act that requires that all absentee ballots to overseas troop be mailed 45 days prior to the election. Now just how difficult would that be? Well, difficult enough, apparently, that the violations are so obvious that even Eric Holder's Justice Department is investigating.

Missing overseas ballots from Illinois servicemen is a particular problem because of the very close race for Obama's Senate seat between Republican Mark Kirk and Democrat Alexi Giannoulias. There's also a thin edge for the GOP candidate for governor. The military ballot could - our could have been the deciding factor in these elections.

Every time I've seen this story reported there has been one glaring omission. Nobody seems to remember what happened in 2000. When you consider the actions of the Gore campaign and the Democrat National Committee during the Florida recount debacle you really have to wonder if the lack of compliance in 2010 is purely coincidental. Get in your way-back machine and you will remember that the Democrats sent dozens ... perhaps more than a hundred ... volunteer lawyers to Florida. These lawyers had one primary instruction. They were to fan out into the various Florida voting districts where recounts were being held, and they were to to everything they could to make sure military ballots weren't counted. Democrats knew that military voters trend Republican ... and they were determined to prevent as many of these votes counting as possible.

Consider the possibility that some local Democrat operatives are trying to pull the same thing in 2010. Just sayin'.