Friday, June 04, 2010

Fun Friday Fact

Yesterday while we were distracted by tar balls, the saga of Al and Tipper and this Joran van der Sloot prepuce ... our federal debt surpassed $13 trillion. This is the first time in history that our country has sunk this much into the red. Say what you will about the spending of previous administrations, but there is no doubt that Barack Obama and the Democrats running the clown show in Congress are on a high-speed track to America's financial destruction.

Since the inept Community Organizer has taken the reins in Washington, our government has spent an average of $5 billion a day. That is almost three times as much as the daily average under George W. Bush. This means that so far under Obama's presidency, our national debt has risen $2.4 trillion.

Just yesterday PrezBo had some very harsh words for the GOP .. he criticized them for sitting on the sidelines and not offering any solutions. Perhaps Obama should direct some of that anger towards his fellow Democrats in Congress who have refused to vote on a budget this year. Other than defending our nation, is there a more primary function of government than setting a basic budget for operations? While Obama has managed to appoint a debt commission, what real action do you see the Democrats trying to take in tackling our debt crisis? The answer is that you don't. That's because this is a crisis that isn't going to win them votes. It isn't going to win them re-election or union support or local memorials in their honor. It is going to be an issue that takes real guts - it is going to take politicians who are not there because they seek power, but because they want to get this country back on track. Where can you find such selfless people nowadays? Sure ain't the people currently running the show.