Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fire all Voters who get their news from the Daley Show

OK ... since there is no Constitutional right to vote in a federal election .. I have an idea. Now I know that this idea is dead in the starting gate, but I like underdogs ... so what the hell, I'll give it to you here.

I was watching a bit on the tube this morning about that Rhode Island government school where the Superintendent fired every single teacher and the administrative staff. Why? Because they were failing ... year after year they were failing to provide even the minimum education to the students. A certain percentage of them were allowed to reapply for their jobs .. but only some. Result: Well, as you can imagine, things are really looking up at this particular school.

It is clear that the voters failed our country in the last election. They failed our country miserably. They voted for a community organizer with no real experience in governance and no experience in the private sector. They voted for someone who had expressed his dislike for capitalism and free enterprise ... declaring the free markets "the enemy." They voted for someone who was eloquent when a teleprompter was present, but bumbling without. They voted for someone who's campaign was based on a one-word focus group tested slogan, not someone with actual ideas. Our country is suffering because of what the idiot voters did in 2008. People are out of work with no real prospect of working in the private sector again. We are amassing unbelievable debt .. debt that could cause a true crisis within about three years. Our voters failed our country just like these teachers failed that Rhode Island school. So ... fire them.

The idea is simple. Let the states and local governments do what they want, but tell the people that insofar as federal elections are concerned, they're fired. They can reapply for their position if they wish to .. but they'll have to pass a test to get their jobs back. They'll have to show a basic understanding of our Constitution and the purposes of the three branches of government. They'll have to know who their representatives in Washington are. In other words, they'll have to show that they're citizens, not just idiots with voter registration cards.

Like I said .. not gonna happen. But we can dream, can't we?