Friday, March 14, 2008

What you probably don't know but I will say

So in the last week, someone in Obama's camp had to step down for saying something mean about Hillary, and then someone in Hillary's camp had to step down for saying something mean about Obama. And now, we're about to see David Paterson become governor of New York - and I'm willing to bet that no one is a going to say anything bad about him. Why? Because if they do, they will be fired. Mr. Paterson is not only black, but he's legally blind - two things that immediately earn him the "success against all odds" news peg, which I'm sure he deserves. I predict a glowing portrait of him in USA Today, with fourteen accompanying pie charts and a sidebar on how many Americans are affected by legal blindness. Sandy Duncan might weigh in with a thoughtful commentary about how few movies roles are available to women with impaired vision.

But should all of this prevent us from examining DP's intriguing past? Not me. I don't see color, and I don't see blindness. My vision is actually 20-400, so you could say I'm blind to blindness, much in the way Paterson is blind to common sense. I am referring to his wacky effort to push legal changes to hinder police use of firearms. In order to stop an armed criminal, he wanted officers to aim at the thug's arm or leg - in order to wound, instead of kill. If the officer disobeys, he could go to jail for manslaughter.

Now, I know something about guns, and I know a little about criminals. And believe me, when criminals are attacking innocent civilians, their intent is not to wound, but to render their victims helpless - which often involves splattering their innards all over a sidewalk. So in effect, Paterson believes that the guy who's going to blow your head off for your IPOD Nano is more valuable to society than the poor cop trying to protect you.

Thankfully, this legislation hasn't passed yet, but we shouldn't ignore this idiocy simply because the gentleman behind it has an inspirational story to tell. For me anyway, it will fall on deaf ears.

And if you don't agree with me, then you Sir are worse than Hitler with a blind fold on.