Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sterilize This!

So, there was an article in a British paper about some women getting themselves sterilized because they feel that children are bad for the planet. These women are your basic, run-of-the-mill environmentalists, so in a sense they're half right. Children aren't bad for the environment - only their children.

One particular woman, Toni Vernelli, was sterilized at age 27, and she says that living people use too much land, eat too much food, and kill too many trees. In her mind, people are evil. But in my mind, people who believe people are evil should not produce more people. If they are so consumed by the evils of consumption, however, then they should go a step further.

First, she could reduce her carbon footprint, by walking off a bridge. Or she can go one step further - and offset the consumption of food from other environmentalists by allowing them to eat her. After all, the only solution to overpopulation and carbon footprinting, is to remove those who make the carbon footprints - and turn them into fuel. Face it, folks: radical environmentalism is moving toward the only final solution they can stomach, and it rhymes with "Soylent Green."

I certainly hope it tastes like chicken.