Thursday, June 14, 2007

Democrat=Surrender Monkey

Democrats, with Harry Reid leading the pack, are telling President Bush that his troop surge in Iraq has failed. Now the language may be just a bit different, but what we really have here is leading Defeatocrats public stating that the U.S. is losing in Iraq. Once again we have our lovely Democrats bringing smiles to the faces of our enemies in Iran and Islamic terrorist goons worldwide.

I know that at this point you don't have to be reminded of this ... but Democrats are completely 100% invested in our losing in Iraq. Their chances of taking the White House in next year's election rest entirely on their ability to convince the American people that the Islamic fascists are winning. Every insurgent bomb is a victory for Democrats. Every new school, hospital or retail store that opens in an Iraqi neighborhood is bad news.

Never before has an American political party be so eager for the defeat of American troops in battle.