Sunday, September 11, 2005

Storm's Over? Think Again!

You know that after Osama and al-Zawahiri viewed the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent mayhem that ensued in New Orleans, they are sitting back in some Pakistani cave toking on a big hookah, laughing their asses off, praising Allah, and stepping up their game to hit the U.S. again. And hard. And soon.

For me, watching Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco handle the New Orleans/ Louisiana debacle is like watching Moe and Curly trying to work a Rubik’s cube. Those two gave me all the relief that half a Tums did the other night after eating three grease laden chimichangas covered in Scorned Woman Habanera Pepper Sauce®. Suffice it to say, after watching this entire fiasco unfold on the Gulf Coast, that I’m not getting the “our homeland is secured” feeling from Homeland Security.

This leads me to think that if we cannot get our act together to handle a CAT 4 storm we saw lumbering toward us for several days, then what the heck are we going to do if al Qaeda sleeper cells, embedded in the US, clandestinely strike us with massive force?

Y’know, I hate to speak for others, but I think the majority of our nation doesn’t even think al Qaeda is a threat to the US any longer. Here’s the unarticulated sleepy vibe you get from most people regarding the immediate menace terrorists pose to us:

1. There hasn’t been another attack on US soil in four years now.
2. The majority of what they’re doing is on the other side of the pond.
3. Their attacks are unsophisticated.
4. Their weapons are crude.
5. The effects of their assaults are benign, and thus . . .
6. They are incapable of levying a catastrophic hit on a major super power like the U.S.

And this is probably just what OBL and his tribe from hell wants you to think—even though they have made it abundantly clear that they are going to attempt to kill at least four million of us, and that they will do it with nuclear weapons which we know are already in their possession. What Osama wants to do to us will make Katrina look like Chucky Cheese. Al Qaeda dreams of an American Nagasaki.

Author Paul Williams is not singing any sleep-inducing lullabies in his latest work, The Al-Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime and the Coming Apocalypse. Williams’ new book will blister your soul as you read the well-known, truly apocalyptic, yet sinfully unreported data in this heavily footnoted 231-page hot, pithy tome.

Trust me, or better yet, see for yourself that this is not the rambling of some speculative doom saying TBN prophet playing pin the tail on the latest beast. Rather, Williams’ book is riddled with readily available empirical information that he has simply put together to the end that we:

1. appreciate our enemy’s wishes and advances
2. get off our collective butt and
3. take swift and specific action before several major cities become melted glass beds.

Williams makes a hard case that al Qaeda has climbed into bed with the Sicilian Mafia that is helping to float terrorism through the sale of Number Four heroin, the soup de jour with American and European druggies. With this mega-million dollar underwriting, OBL and his sick ilk have purchased, via the Chechen mafia, nuclear weapons they have taken from feebly protected Russian repositories.

To further expedite the eternal night al Qaeda wishes to rain down upon us, they have joined hands with a Salvadoran street gang called Mara Salvatrucha, aka MS-13. And what’s MS-13’s job description from al Qaeda? Well, this violent and rapidly-growing-in-numbers-and-finance gaggle of punks has the job of smuggling nukes and sleeper agents across the Mexican border, which, incidentally, they have been overseeing for quite sometime now.

The bottom line is this: Don’t read Williams’ new book if you don’t want to know:

1. How we know OBL has nuclear weapons.
2. How he got such weapons.
3. If they have already been smuggled into the USA.
4. How nuke smuggling occurs post 911.
5. Why the information regarding a planned nuclear attack has been under-reported by the national media.
6. What the effects of a nuclear blast would be should one rock one of our major metro areas.
7. What major metro areas are on OBL’s hit list.
8. How many sleeper agents/cells in the US are planning the next 911.
9. What steps we must take to ward off a nuclear nightmare.
10. Why al Qaeda has waited until now to launch its next attack on US soil.
11. What the local, state and the federal government must do, like yesterday, to mitigate this present and real threat.
12. That in the last few months, 9,000 plus or minus “special interest” aliens from terrorist supporting countries have been arrested and released on our Mexican border.
13. That it is not if they are going to attack us but when they are going to attack us.

So, here we sit with borders that are more open than the space between Kanye West’s ears, with airports and ports that receive cargo that gets inspected about as often as Rosie O’Donnell does her abdominal workout, and while Hollywood and D.C. play the Katrina blame game and get wrapped around the prop regarding who sucks the least. The terrorists, on the other hand, are staying their course, biding their time, blowing through our borders, getting briefed and fired up in their mosques, and with religious zeal, are looking to put and end to our world as we know it.

My advice to help stave off their hellish desires would be to buy yourself, your congressmen, your senators and your President a copy of William’s book. And bug the crap out of them until they do more about the current deadly terror threat from within.