Tuesday, September 13, 2005


If Bush is to blame for such a high death toll, then shouldn't he also get the credit for the number of casualties being so low?

That's the question my neo-con niece asked me yesterday afternoon right before I dropped her off on the turnpike. Naturally, I blew it off as the ignorant bleatings of a brainwashed Nazi larvae. But as her wailing visage grew smaller in my rear view mirror, I couldn't help but wonder if she had clumsily stumbled onto something.

The staggeringly high body count in the latest of Bush's hurricanes was a monument to his incompetence, if not his intense hatred for blacks. Compassionate democrats had looked forward to surfing the tide of human suffering all the way to the 2008 elections. Now, with the number of casualties significantly lower than the 10,000 we had counted on, many of us are left wondering where it all went right.

Granted, 279 dead is nothing to sneeze at. Democrats might be able to milk it for a few votes, but nowhere near what they need to repeal Bush's tax cuts and put the Hillary-Obama ticket over the top in 2008. Sadly, we soon may have to face the undeniable truth that a good deal of people survived Hurricane Katrina.

Very convenient for the Shrub, isn't it?

Almost TOO convenient.