Saturday, September 17, 2005


Spiders are ancient animals with a history going back many millions of years. They have always been with us, an ancient source of fear and fascination. They are abundant and widespread and are natural controllers of insect populations. Wherever you live, you're always close to a spider.

Then there are the human spiders especially those human spiders from Ohio. Internationally renowned as the dumbest spiders of the total species they are more a subject of fascination than fear. You can see this particular spider usually around moonbats. Cindy Sheehand, Ward Churchill, Ted Kennedy, Maurene Dowd, Frank Rich, Harry Ried and others of the “Whackado Wing” of the moonbat ilk are so infected with human spiders that one should be careful when shaking hands with these particular moonbats.

Human spiders aren’t really spiders of the arachnids; they are in the insect category. Some have even been known to wear “beer holsters”. I would post a picture of a human spider but I refuse to put pornography on the site. However if you have the stomach for complete and total intellectual dishonesty and the highest level of ignorance you too can correspond with a human spider at:

Good luck and don’t say you weren’t warned.