Saturday, May 21, 2005

I got your desecration right here pal

Hello, my name is Fabrizio Quattrocchi. I was captured by Muslim holy warriors and tortured before cameras, just for their sport. In the end, they set aside of any respect for international law common, human decency or even the restraint of their own religious doctrine and beheaded me. I shouldn’t have expected any special treatment as this is a common act that they perform even among their own people. However, you won’t see the video of my beheading because I died like a man rather than the sniveling coward they wanted me to be.

I just want you all to know that I find all Muslims who decry to horrors of “George Bush and abu-ghraib” and now this desecration of the Koran to be a bit, shall we say “shallow” in light of the fact that the same “abu-ghraib” that you decry under Bush was a charnel house under Saddam, and yet you said nothing since it was a fellow Muslim doing the killing Oh, and I tell you, the International Red Cross coming out for concern over “civilian deaths in iraq” now that Saddam is gone is rich, real rich. Where was all the concern when the Kurds were being gassed? Where was all the concern for the marsh arabs then, eh? Where’s all the indignity when the supposedly holy kingdom of Saudi Arabia works so hard at killing and subjugating so many of the worlds Muslims. See any Christians in Arabia? No, Golly why is that? Oh that’s right, because it’s a death sentence. Any Muslim converts to Christianity? Oh that’s right, Death penalty. I ask you, from the grave, what’s more of a desecration? An act of defiance in a prison by a Muslim prisoner flushing his own Koran down the toilet, or the subjugation of your most holy sites by a dictatorship of thugs and corrupt princes. You tell me, I’m ready to listen, frankly I’ve got all of eternity to wait for your answer.

Have you people counted up the Muslim bodies in your mass graves created by Muslim warlords? Not just in Iraq, but in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia? You’re worried about words on paper? Look I know God wrote the Koran, but its not like it’s the only copy that went down the porcelain fountain there in Cuba. If the US wanted to desecrate a holy site, dontcha think they could just launch one of those nuclear missiles at Mecca? That would get your attention pretty quick now wouldn’t it? So what’s stopping the yanks? Oh, it’s that common decency that those “infidels” have in their religion. As someone who had his head chopped off for sport by your :”holy Warriors” , I think its something you might want to check into.

Desecration? Don’t talk to be about desecration. You people eat desecration for breakfast on your corn flakes. You use your mosques and holy sites as munitions dumps, you use then as sniper nests. So what’s a little water on a copy of your holy text?

And just to be clear, The story isnt true. So, isnt there some proviso in the Kraon for bearing false witness? Well, given your track record there probably is againt fellow Muslims but not against "infidels". That must be the catch-22 of the Koran.

Oh, and by the way, just so you are completely aware of what I think of you and your murderous islamofascist culture, you can all kiss my ass.

Oh, and NEWSWEEK, you can cancel my subscription. Thanks to you and your indiscretions in the media, you made people like me easy and valuable targets. I’m dead, not that you care because before I died I didn’t denounce George Bush, so to you, I guess I deserved it.

How’s that for a desecration?