Friday, May 27, 2005

FIlibuster, Compromise, and Bolton

What a lousy week for Republican lawmakers who still can't act like the majority party.

With the Bolton filibuster in place, what we are currently being treated to is 42 Democrats saying, in effect, "all that 62 million votes for President Bush and 55 Republican Senators means nothing: unless we approve, nothing gets done." Our leftwing friends say this is "checks and balances", but what they mean is "stopping the GOP from using its political victory". As it stands now, we've managed to get one of ten filibustered judges approved, after a four year wait and, meanwhile, during a time of war when diplomacy moves at a swift pace, the United States lacks an ambassador at the United Nations. All of this because the Democrats believe that they know better than the majority and, dammit, the majority will just have to learn its place until it wises up and puts the Democrats back into majority power.

Keep in mind that if during this past week it was President Hillary Clinton sending the nomination of Jesse Jackson to be Chief Justice of the United States over to a Senate headed up by Majority Leader Reid, then the "nuclear option" would have happened, and rated a page 18 blurb in the MSM....The only principle the Democrats are acting upon is the bizarre and un-American principle that they are to be in control regardless of the outcome of elections. Our masters have spoken, and in the matter of judges found seven GOP fools to bend the knee.

This, you see, is how the Democrats view the American people; stupid children who must be prevented from doing themselves harm. If they were to go along with their crushing defeat last November 2nd, then we would be going about passing laws which would only harm our best interests...heck, if we started acting like we won the election, we might even reform Social Security! Can you imagine a world in which the mass of the American people have complete control over their own financial assets? It is too horrific to contemplate and so the Democrats wisely thwart us in our desires. Thank God for the Democrats...without them I might start sticking pennies into electrical outlets.

All kidding aside, the Democrats are doing the political things which are done in the run-up to civil war. In a democratic republic, the first requirement is that the losing side quietly accept their defeat and only work towards changing the outcome at the next election. We cannot have a functioning democratic government if a minority can stop all action when they lose. What we must do, as Republicans and in defense of bedrock American political principle, is somehow break this Democratic logjam on the levers of power. We have to force them to back down.

All of us hoped after 9/11 that as far as the war went, Americans would show a united face to the enemy. Additionally, when President Bush came to town and said he'd be happy to sit down with Democrats and work out a mutually satisfactory solution to all pending problems, we figured that the Democrats would grasp their chance to get half a loaf. It didn't work out that way.

Quietly and only on the fringe at first, the war was opposed before the fires died down at WTC; within a year of 9/11, the Democrats were out on the political warpath saying that the President was failing at the war and that, at any rate, there wasn't really a war and the President was just using 9/11 for political advantage. The Democrats took the President's pledge to be a uniter and not a divider and when the President indicated that this didn't mean a 100% surrender of political principle, the Democrats painted the President as a monster of tyranny, riding roughshod over the Democrats. These two things indicated for all to see that truth and justice mean nothing to Democrats...only getting and holding power matters to them, and if they can't get it, they'll prevent those who hold it from exercising it.

The Democrats want war to the knife; so be it. They started this, we will finish it.