Friday, February 25, 2011

Senator Bill Nelson is a Schmuck!

Democrat (of course) Senator Bill Nelson from Florida is slamming Governor Rick Scott for turning down a few billion dollars that we don't have for a rapid rail project between Tampa and Orlando that we don't need. Consider, if you will, Senator Nelson's reasoning. He says that turning down the money will cost thousands of jobs in Florida.

So ... there you have it, straight from the Democrat's mouth. You don't build the high-speed rail project because it is actually needed, or because it will actually be financially viable. You build it so that thousands of Floridians will be employed in the project.

Gator squeeze. (That's Gator shit--for those of you who live in Miami)

Using Nelson's logic - that you spend the money to create jobs - wouldn't it make more sense just to taken the billions and dole it out to unemployed Floridians? That way you could put ALL of the money into the hands of the poor, poor pitiful jobless Floridians without wasting any of it on such things as purchasing right-of-way, concrete cross-ties, steel rails, electric locomotives, passenger cars and other expensive stuff. By just handing the billions to unemployed Floridians you would not be creating future liabilities for Florida taxpayers.