Thursday, February 03, 2011

Government produces nothing. It's a zero sum game when the government is spending the money

In the last two years, federal government spending has increased by 27%. Remember that in just the last decade, federal spending has doubled.

Two directions we can go from here. First ... we have to ask just what we have for this massive increase in government spending. Think about it, folks. Isn't the idea to exchange money for something of value? What have we gained in the last decade or over the last two years as a nation? The ONLY answer is more government. And there we have another example of just what is valuable to ObamaZombies ... government. More government. Ever more government. The Democrats DID get something of value for this massive increase in spending .. they got more government.

Secondly .. what's this noise about not being able to cut spending? Are these government-loving Democrats trying to tell us that after they've increased spending by 27% over two years (The ObamaYears) the best they can do right now is to free some spending? Not all government spending ... but just some spending? Not a cut .. but a freeze? You know this is a crock .. and even I know it. There is plenty of room to cut spending ... huge cuts ... but Democrats have a constituency to bribe --- votes to buy --- and that takes money.

Let me remind you of one simple truth when it comes to government spending: "For every dollar injected into the economy by government spending, an equivalent dollar had to be taken out of the community in the form of higher taxes or through borrowing." Sometimes we tend to forget this fact ... we tend to forget that this money would otherwise exist, it would just be spent or invested by different people or entities. By allowing the government to spend it, it gains more power.

Now what if I told you that there is a way to increase federal revenues by more than $5 trillion over the next decade? What if I told you that you could do it without raising taxes? No, I'm not a magician. The answer is simple: grow the economy. Let the private sector do what it does best. This from a blog on Forbes:

Strong economic growth would be expected to increase Federal tax revenues to their long-term average of 18% of GDP -- an increase of 3 full percentage points from their current level. That alone would increase Federal receipts by $450 billion a year, or assuming 3% growth, more than $5 trillion over the next 10 years with no increase in tax rates.

In addition, every one-percentage point increase in economic growth would generate an additional $150 billion in national income and incremental tax revenue of approximately $27 billion a year. Maintaining a 1% higher growth rate would add an additional $1.5 trillion in Federal revenue over the next 10 years.

Just remember that the government does not make money, it collects money and spends it. If you want money in the hands of the producers, get government out of the way. Soon enough there will be more producers, with more money, and therefore the government will have more revenue. And the cycle continues ... but when Democrats says "job creation" they mean "jobs created by the government, funded by the tax payers." Got it?