Saturday, January 08, 2011


So, the most famous and oft-quoted study linking vaccines to autism has been deemed a fraud. A new examination found that the paper, authored by Andrew Wakefield over 12 years ago, contained heavily doctored research to make the link appear real.

This is kind of a huge deal, since the paper was used by witless fools like Jennie McCarthy to scare parents into skipping vaccinations - which allowed childhood diseases to spike, and kill kids.

When Jennie was asked to comment on the fraudulent study, she said, "Really? I guess that makes me a stupid, untalented asshat."

Well, not really.

I didn't bother to contact McCarthy, mainly because I am lazy and it would be pointless. Because for self-involved attention-seeking celebrities like her, they don't let real medical research get in the way of making themselves feel good about themselves.

And that's all this autism-vaccine scare was: an exercise in self-importance for mindless cretins like McCarthy, her ex Jim Carrey, and the assorted chucklebutts at the Huffington Post. The superior feeling they get from telling the medical establishment they're evil more than outweighs the harm they unleashed on the public.

Let this be a lesson for everyone: anytime a celebrity comes out with an opinion on anything regarding health, medicine, the environment, cats, water polo, designer headwear, croutons - simply assume the opposite is true. And as punishment for the crimes committed, I believe we should boycott all of Jenny McCarthy's projects.

As soon as, you know, she has one.