Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I gotta pee---Take me to Wikileaks

So as you know, Wikileaks has posted a crapload of secret military reports about the Afghan war, including covert operations against Taliban figures. They claim their goal is to reveal "unethical behavior," by the government and corporations.

On their website they write "All governments can benefit from increased scrutiny by the world community, as well as their own people."

This is pure bullshit, to use the scientific term.

The fact is, their goal is to only "expose" people they don't like – meaning the United States military - and get worldwide props for it.

The head of Wikiliks, Julian Assange would argue that their role is to shine a "light on the everyday brutality ...of war." But of course, he's sympathetic only to those we are fighting against. He says he wants to help "people who are vulnerable. And I enjoy crushing bastards."

Can you guess who the bastards are?

Look, we don't need him to tell us that war sucks. No one wants to see our troops or innocent civilians dead. But we fight to eradicate an evil- and in this case it's an evil that this douchebag is helping. Remember that the U.S. doesn't send suicide bombers into crowded restaurants, or behead journalists, or fly planes into buildings. We are waging a war against scum - and yet Julie chooses to thwart us instead.

It makes me wonder that if Julie had secret documents that harmed our enemies - would he share those? Since they don't fit into his hit list of evil "governments and corporations," hell no. So while his majestic, but wholly one-side strategy of transparency continues - it's America that's being attacked.

Secondly, whatever Julie thinks is "unethical behavior" is only unethical if you're an idiot. For example, saying it's a war crime to have an enemy hit list may be true if it's at a children's birthday party. But in war, it's the whole point. The entire war is a hit list, you doll-haired dipwad.

But see, Julie isn't doing this to save lives - he's doing it for himself. He enjoys "creating systems on a grand scale, so, in the end, he gets back at daddy and reaps the accolades that come with it.

May a terrorist mistake him for a sexy goat.