Friday, July 02, 2010

Crusing the Internet

Amazing the headlines you read. Let's see .....

Unemployment claims are up.
The so-called "recovery" is fizzling
US debt at a record percentage of GDP .. and growing
Private business aren't hiring ... and don't plan to
Government employment growing across the board
Iran thumbing its nose at further sanctions .. continue work on the bomb
Dependency on government growing at highest rate since Jimmy Carter
The United Nations is calling for the dollar to be replaced as the global reserve currency
Oil leak in Gulf continues with no real end in sight
Taliban cooling their heels and waiting for our July 2011 pull out date
Tax increases across the board in the US
The Value Added Tax is on the way!
Home sales are down by 30%
Six months to go before we are hit with the largest tax hike in history
Hugo Chavez just seized 11 oil rigs owned by a US company
Mexican drug gang fight at Arizona border kills 21

So ... how's that Hopey-Changy thing working out for you?