Friday, December 18, 2009

Climate Change You Can Believe In

Every circus needs a clown, but sometimes it takes a clown to tell the truth.

And so we have Hugo Chavez, the pockmarked prince of all things petulant - paying a visit to the Climate Change conference to rousing, delirious applause.

In sum, Chavez is all about ending "imperial dictatorships," and that "capitalism is the road to hell." He says, "Let's fight against capitalism and make it obey us."

He also said he liked to have sex with goats while Sean Penn watched, but I may have gotten that translation wrong.

Anyway, according to the Herald Sun, all of this was greeted with a standing ovation. And Hugo deserves it - for he's exposing this crap fest for what it is: a massive transfer of wealth from the west, to scumbags like him.

But Chavez wasn't the only one to lecture America on how evil we are. There was Zimbabwe President, Robert Mugabe, who noted that as "these capitalist gods of carbon...belch their dangerous emissions," it's "the lesser mortals of the developing sphere" who die. Yeah, we're the murderers. Not Mugabe - who delighted in the torture, starvation and killing of his own people, for years.

This would all be hilarious- if these creeps didn't have our own leaders on their side. Witness secretary of State Hillary Clinton announcing that our country is ready to create an annual $100 billion climate protection fund to help "address the climate change needs of developing countries."

Where will this money come from?

Well, Hillary wouldn't say - but she didn't have to. There's only one place it can come from - you. And that's why the Chavez's and the Mugabe's of the world love climate change hysteria so much. To the world's thugs, thieves and murderers, the US becomes that fat tourist in his favorite vacation hat, jingling his change on a street corner.

Easy pickings.

And--should you not agree with me you're probably bowing to a photo of Mubabe while licking a bobble head Hugo.