Friday, August 24, 2007

Democrats invested in our demise

Finally the Bush Administration seems to be standing up and getting their side of the story told .. loudly.

Just two days ago Bush mentioned enemy casualty figures in the war against Islamic fascism. Up until now we've been pretty much limited to details on how many American soldiers were killed on any given day or month. Yesterday – finally – the president told the American people that this year our soldiers have been killing an average of 1,500 Islamic radicals a month. Good. Wish it were more. The American people need to know that our guys are doing their job ... sending these Muslim menaces to their final rewards.

Now we're getting some interesting details of an interview of National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell published in the El Paso Times. McConnell has disclosed some interesting new facts about how our courts have made it difficult to monitor conversations between terrorist suspects – even if they aren't in this country!

Some gems from the McConnell interview:

If you have an Islamic terrorist suspect in the Middle East talking to another Islamic fanatic in Indonesia .. and if that conversation goes through a switching station or some wire in the United States, then our intelligence agencies need to get a warrant to listen to what's being said. Come on now. Can you imagine anything more absurd? Neither of these Islamic goons are in this country, and neither of them have any Constitutional protections whatsoever. Neither of them are entitled to any due process under our laws ... yet our good guys have to get a freaking warrant to listen to what they're saying to each other?

Then there's the FISA court. FISA stands for Foreign Intelligence Secrecy Act. This is the super-secret court that is supposed to expedite warrants that allow our intelligence agencies to monitor conversations between Islamic terrorist suspects overseas and an individual in this country. How long does it take to get one of these warrants? Try 200 hours. That's 200 hours to get one warrant to monitor one telephone number. Is this how we fight the war against these Islamic fanatics?

Oh ... one more thing. Just how many people inside this country are currently being monitored because of their contacts with known terrorist suspects? Try 100. That's it. Just 100. This is what the Democrats have been screaming and rendering their garments over. Who the hell's side are they on, anyway?

Now we have a law ... a law for the next six months, anyway ... that gets our intelligence people around some of these problems. The Democrats have made it clear that they are going to do everything to kill that law as soon as they can.

And you want to trust these people with our security?

Let me know how that works out for you.