Friday, March 16, 2007


Valerie Plame is going to testify in front of Congress today. Why? Because Democrats want to embarrass the administration some more. Since nobody was charged with leaking her name, there is no possible reason for her to testify. But Democrats control the Congress and it's time to pile here we go. By getting Plame 007 to testify they get the media spotlight to continue their efforts to discredit the Bush Administration. We can't wonder what questions they'll be asking Mrs. Wilson?

I wonder if they'll ask her why nobody has been charged with leaking her name? Wasn't it because her name wasn't such a secret at all? Will they ask her why she really wasn't a covert operative, but instead was pushing pencils at Langley? Will they ask her why she posed for a photo spread in Vanity Fair? After all, wasn't she so concerned about her identity being exposed?

Will they ask her why her husband lied about his trip to Niger? Maybe not...but then again, there will be some Republicans on the committee. Let's see if they can actually make some noise. Because if they don't, Democrats and the media are going to get away with portraying Plame as a victim...something she's not.