Saturday, January 06, 2007

What do you do when you're a washed up Watergate pantload?

Daniel Schorr’s Enormous Ass

is hanging out. In an article entitled, Backsliding on Ford’s ban on assassination in the Christian Science Monitor, the Ancient Mariner Schorr discusses how Ford signed an executive order banning “political assassinations.” According to Schorr:

Since then, an executive order signed by Ford has banned US government employees from engaging in, or conspiring to engage in, political assassination. But after 9/11, President Bush issued a “finding” which makes exceptions from the murder ban for known terrorist leaders if capture is impractical.

That makes Ford’s executive order 11905, the ban on political assassinations, which was updated by subsequent presidents, not very operative any more.

You know what’s not very operative anymore, Mr. Schorr? Your dendrites. We are at war. Known terrorist leaders who cannot be captured are not, for the most part, agents of recognized governments. It certainly stretches the definition of assassination beyond all recognition to claim that the killing of enemy combatants is equivalent. Are you suggesting that we kill the foot soldiers and spare the higher-ups?

Admiral Yamamoto was shot down during WWII, and killed. Was that a political assassination? Are you the same guy who makes a point of stating, whenever he can, that we still haven’t gotten bin Laden?

You are such a decerebrate fuckhead that it’s impossible even to put into words how deeply I scorn this piece of crap agitprop cross-dressed as political-historical analysis. You suck, old man.

Sorry, lost my cool.

Daniel Schorr is senile news analyst at National Public Radio