Sunday, October 08, 2006

Foley I

Republicans Giving Sexual Deviancy a Bad Name

Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) is a closet homosexual who used his position of power to lure impressionable young boys into obscene online chats. Yet in spite of all that, it turns out he is actually a bad person. His crime? Violating the sacred trust between members of Congress and their pages.

I’m sorry, but that’s all I got. We’ve spent so many years blurring the line between decency and depravity that I really don’t have much to work with. I considered putting an anti-pedophilia spin on it, but let’s face it – those kids weren’t exactly tots. If some of them were just a few months older, this whole thing would be the makings of an Academy Award-winning movie about two grown men sharing a secret love in a world too cold to understand. If it were two 15 year old boys talking that way to each other, we'd give them a special group in the high school where they could discuss their sexuality in a safe and healthy environment. It appears that the online sex sessions were consensual as well, so as long as they used online condoms we would be hypocrites to condemn them for it. So I guess the real crime here, besides the “sacred trust” thing, is that Foley behaved as if his homosexuality was something to be ashamed of.

The whole GOP acts that way. Rather than celebrating homosexuality as a beautiful expression of love between two human beings, they cringe at the very thought of it. It’s no wonder gay Republicans like Foley are forced into the closet. Left unnurtured and unexplored, their homosexuality devolves into pedophilia - although the two are entirely unrelated and frankly I resent any suggestions to the contrary.

Key Republicans knew for years that Foley had a thing for men, yet they did nothing to encourage it. Tragically, Foley’s homosexuality was never allowed to blossom to it’s full potential. As an out-and-proud, in-your-face gay man, Foley could have been a force for good in Washington. Perhaps he could have been a positive role model for other perverts in congress. Instead, he was completely ignored, and now look what’s become of him.

Dennis Hastert and a sufficient number of Republicans to surrender control of Congress should all be ashamed of themselves.